Who We Are

Project Management in Life Sciences (PMinLS) is a group of individuals interested in the pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech world of project management. Many of us work in the industry and some of us are interested in moving into the field. This group provides an environment to expand and strengthen our life science related project management capabilities.

We represent ourselves in our pursuit of a common interest around personal development and learning. We have quarterly meetings hosted by life science companies in Northern Illinois. Meetings are usually held in the first month of each quarter. There is no fee to attend our quarterly meetings and all those who are interested in project management in life sciences are welcome to attend. Registration is always required.

PMinLS is a membership organization.  There is an annual membership fee that gives members access to additional benefits such as free webinars (non-members pay a modest fee), access to the members only Project Management Coaching Calls and more.

Our Structure

PMinLS operates with a group of professionals with Project Management experience in Life Science organizations.


Dee G Suberla,

Advisory Board:

Advisory Board members come from our hosting site companies, or have had a career in the field.  Advisory Board members are volunteers who provide suggestions, ideas, and insights. They are the primary contacts for our hosting sites and they help to plan our calendar for the year.   Our active Advisory Board members are:

  • Rebecca Adams, AbbVie
  • Maryellen Zibell, Baxter
  • Elizabeth Dunlap, Takeda
  • Hedley Stickell, Takeda
  • Shelly Bird, Volunteer Manager
  • Leah Golbroch, Baxter
  • Pranob Bhattacharya, Astellas
  • Gregory Parker, Astellas
  • Jennifer Guy, Independent
  • Brian Donovan (Acting Advisory Board Member)
  • Andrea Franks, Pfizer


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