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Learn About the new PMinLS Partner: Cures Within Reach

October 24, 2017 Free Lunch Time Webinar

Dr. Bruce Bloom, CEO of Cures Within Reach explains how the organization works and manages to help patients all over the world through re-purposing drugs and devices. He also discusses how Cures works with regulatory agencies and many of the companies within the PMinLS Community.

View the Cures Within Reach Webinar

This is a recording of the webinar with Dr. Bruce Bloom, CEO of Cures Within Reach.

Highlights from the PM track at the DIA Annual Meeting in Chicago

August 31st, 2017, Webinar

Matt Curin shares his observations and take-aways from this event. He presents a number of excellent topics and leads some lively discussions with the attendees.

Managing the Ugly Side of Project Management

July 27, 2017 at Astellas in Northbrook, IL

Laura Dribin, President of Peritius Consulting presented and then moderated a panel of experts on the topic.  Panel members were:

  • Karen Zylberman, Sr. Director Global Program Management, Takeda
  • Bruce Pfister, Director of Project Management, Astellas
  • Tarja Huuskonen, CEO Action for Result

We had excellent discussions and heard a lot of great feedback.

Download the Presentation: Managing the Ugly Side of PM

This is a copy of the presentation from the 7/27/2017 Quarterly Meeting at Astellas: Managing the Ugly Side of PM.
Stress Management for PMs

January 26th 2017 Meeting at Baxter Round Lake, IL

Dee Suberla will present some of the causes and effects of stress along with ideas that PMs can use to manage their own on the job stress.   She will blend the benefits of proactively using some standard tools along with a two “in the moment” techniques from the HeartMath Institute(TM) program “The Resiliance Advantage: Skills for Personal and Professional Effectiveness.”

Download the handout for our 1/26/17 Stress Management for PMs

This info-graphic from the HeartMath(TM) Institute explains a lot about the effects of stress on the human body.  We’ll be talking about a few ways PMs in Life Science can manage the stress that often comes along with the job.
Business and Career Impact Of PMP® and Lean Six Sigma Leadership Skills

November 2016 Webinar

Business & Career Impact of PMP and Lean Six Sigma Leadership Skills

Download the presentation: Business and Career Impact Of PMP® and Lean Six Sigma Leadership Skills

This presentation covers Leaders with demonstrated competence in both Project Management and Lean Six Sigma help their organizations realize its full potential to deliver results and to change from within.
Dealing with Organizational Change from a PM’s Point of View

October 20, 2016 Quarterly Meeting at the University Center in Grayslake, IL

Organizational changes come in many forms and can impact projects on a variety of levels. Changes to Sponsors, franchise or business leader changes to large scale reorganizations will have an impact on projects. In addition, when the reorganizations include closing positions, the projects and the people are significantly affected.

Download the PMinLS Membership Update Presentation from 10/20/16

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Download the Dealing with Organizational Change presentation from 10/20/16.

Sean Kilroy from IPM has kindly added the team output – remember we had 5 teams who worked through the case studies.

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